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We've been weaving the visual world of Made of Oak alongside its creator Nick Sanborn, our friends, and the landscape we all call home. Today we're sharing the most endless idea yet: "Side Rides" -- featuring Well$, Professor Toon, and all the wild space in between.

Check out the premiere via SPIN.

Made of Oak "Side Rides"
Directed, shot, edited, and produced by Endless Endless.
Starring Well$ and Professor Toon
Lighting / Grip / Camera Assistant: Jesse Bentley
Production Assistant: Heather Cook
Stylists: Donna Orr & Stella Wingfield Cook, Dear Hearts
Special Thanks to Tim Walter, Dan Westerlund, and Joseph P. Zoller.

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Made of Oak's debut EP 'Penumbra' is out November 6, 2015 on Partisan Records.