Made of Oak
Penumbra EP

Nick (Made of Oak) hollered at us to make everything for his debut EP a few months back. He was busting at the seams with ideas, and as we've had a copy of Penumbra on our various digital devices for a bit now, we got super excited. His friend Kristof Wickman had made an amazing scultpure that was to be the cover image, and we just started running into the dark. Into the light.

So far, we've made a promo photograph, a teaser video, two music videos, a single cover, the EP design, a couple of t-shirts, a tour poster, and a slipmat. Check 'em all out below and stay tuned for future additions.  We have a feeling Made of Oak is just getting going ;)  Thanks to Nick for letting us dive into his brain, to Kristof for letting us swim around his art, and the dozen people who've been involved in all of these productions.

Most importantly, Nick's EP officially drops Nov. 6, 2015 on Partisan Records.

Made of Oak - Side Rides feat. Well$ & Professor Toon

Directed, shot, edited, and produced by Endless Endless.
Starring Well$ and Professor Toon
Lighting / Grip / Camera Assistant: Jesse Bentley
Production Assistant: Heather Cook
Stylists: Donna Orr & Stella Wingfield Cook, Dear Hearts
Special Thanks to Tim Walter, Yan Westerlund, and Joe Zoller.

Made of Oak - Pinebender 

Directed, shot, and edited by Endless Endless.
Sculpture by Kristof Wickman.
Special thanks to Kristof Wickman, Joe Zoller, Stella Wingfield Cook, and Donna Orr.

Below you'll find a large pile of cool things we've gotten to make.
We'll post fancy pics of the LP design once the album drops!
Promo photo from the same shoot as H.S.K.T.
Assist from Ben Sellon & Katie Reardon Sellon on that shoot! #powerduo