Sylvan Esso

Directed, shot, and edited by Sara Padgett Heathcott and Adam Heathcott, Endless Endless

From the limited vinyl 12" release on Partisan Records.

’H.S.K.T.’ is no ordinary song — and this is no ordinary lyric video. The anatomy of the production grew straight out of our photo shoot for the song’s 12-inch jacket. The third in a series of singles whose design boldly declared Sylvan Esso in simple text, ‘H.S.K.T’ introduces Nick and Amelia into the picture — literally. What began as an exploration in still photography quickly evolved into an evening in a room only lit by the words of ‘H.S.K.T’ — and entirely soundtracked by them. Adam and I shot over thirty takes. The light effects are entirely practical. The energy that Nick and Amelia have generated all over the world, on their debut album and on increasingly big stages, was discovered, messed with, and simply captured. You can read along, or you can just dance.
— Sara

"H.S.K.T." Jacket artwork.
Art, Photography, & Layout: Sara Padgett Heathcott, Adam Heathcott, Ben Sellon, Katie Reardon. Endless Endless.

"H.S.K.T." Jacket in the wild.
Sneaky tricks abound: UV spot lacquer, inside-the-jacket printing to hide the liner notes, and an old bus.

Surprise! Here are some other images from the shoot. 
Three cheers for projected light looking like magic.

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